Who is Glieson Bremer? And could he be Tottenham’s next big signing?

Who is Glieson Bremer? And could he be Tottenham’s next big signing?

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As a Tottenham fan, every passing day brings a supposed new transfer target, and while the rumour mill very much continues to spin, one name repeatedly linked with a move to North London is Torino’s Glieson Bremer.

For most Spurs fans Bremer is an unknown quantity and at first, the prospect of a mid-table Seria A centre back being our most touted transfer seemed slightly underwhelming. However, after a deeper dive into the Brazilian, my excitement for this potential move has unquestionably grown.

So, who is Tottenham’s target Glieson Bremer?

Standing at 6 ft 2” (1.89m), Bremer is a Brazilian-born right-footed CB currently playing for Italian side Torino. At 25, he offers an ideal blend of youth and experience, aging in between his potential CB partners Eric Dier and Cristian Romero helping Conte future-proof the side.

Presumably, Ben Davies would be the first team player to make way, as while he has been a loyal servant and decent makeshift CB option this season, Conte’s aspirations of silverware and Champions League football call for a higher calibre of player. It cannot be forgotten that by trade, Davies is a left-back, however with the bulk of his appearances this season being at CB, this is the criteria he must be judged by and valued on.

Direct comparison of the two leaves no question, Bremer is by far the superior option, excelling in every metric desired from a CB looking at FBref numbers. Across CBs in Europe’s top five leagues this season, Bremer sits in the 95th or higher percentile for pressures, interceptions, blocks, and aerials won, painting the picture of a defensive powerhouse that may pair well with the front-footed Cristian Romero.

Bremer also offers an attacking threat, ranking in the top 1% for NPxG (non-penalty expected goals) for CBs across Europe’s top five leagues, and with league three goals, outscores Dier, Romero, and Davies combined.

For Spurs fans, this all makes for pleasant reading and suggests Bremer as an excellent prospect for the upcoming transfer window, but the real question is, is he a viable option?

Bremer’s current contract runs until the summer of 2024; however, Torino are hardly a European superpower, and it’s rumoured a bid between €30-40 million might be enough to tempt the Italian club this summer. From a personal perspective, it can be assumed Bremer would be interested in the switch, as in addition to a likely significant pay rise, barring any late meltdown, the lure of at least Europa League and Premier League football should be enough to tempt the Brazilian.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as whilst it is exciting, at present this is nothing more than a rumour, however as a Spurs fan willing us to succeed speculating on what could be a key transfer is unashamedly enjoyable. With several clubs keeping tabs on the Brazilian, this is one to keep an eye on, although let’s face it, a lot can change between now and the opening of the transfer window, so take anything at present with a pinch of salt.

For now, we can await with interest and the hope that if Bremer does become a Spurs player this summer, it’ll be 2/2 in terms of signing successful Seria A defenders.


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