Video shows Paqueta meeting up with Brazil squad and it looks like a riot

Video shows Paqueta meeting up with Brazil squad and it looks like a riot

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Video shows £51m West Ham star Lucas Paqueta meeting up with the Brazil squad ahead of the World Cup and it looks like a riot.

If you were looking for a football changing room that is the polar opposite of Brazil’s right now, West Ham’s would not be a bad place to start.

While the boys in that famous yellow jersey are excitedly coming together to try and win the biggest prize in football, West Ham are down in the doldrums.

For Hammers star Paqueta it will be some contrast.

Photo by NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP via Getty Images

There was a time, not too long ago, that the spirit and atmosphere at West Ham was – like Brazil’s – bubbling with anticipation and excitement.

Bringing Brazil’s starting midfield star Paqueta to east London as West Ham’s record signing was one of the big reasons behind that.

But West Ham have endured a poor season so far and a torrid week which saw them lose three home consecutive home games in just six days.

As a result the Hammers are just two places and one point off the relegation zone as we enter the six week World Cup break.

While David Moyes will be planning and plotting how to turn things around at West Ham, all eyes now turn to how the club’s representatives at the tournament perform on the biggest stage.

Paqueta has left behind a dressing room that is absolutely on the floor in terms of atmosphere and confidence.

Now video shows £51m West Ham star Paqueta meeting up with the Brazil squad and it looks like a riot.

Paqueta has met up with his Brazil teammates for their pre-World Cup base in Italy, at the Juventus training centre.

Juve have handed over their Continassa complex to Brazil for preparation going into the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, as it includes training and medical facilities, as well as a hotel.

It will be a world away from Rush Green for Paqueta in more ways than one. Not just the facilities but the atmosphere too judging by the video of the Seleção Canarinha coming together.

West Ham man Paqueta can be spotted in the video wearing a big white and orange puffer jacket as he meets and greets the staff and his friends and teammates.

Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Paqueta took a huge World Cup risk joining West Ham in many ways. He was the star player during Brazil’s qualification campaign and is one of the first names on the teamsheet under coach Tite.

Joining a new team, playing a pragmatic style of football in a much more challenging league just a few months before the World Cup was brave. And it nearly backfired as Paqueta – like West Ham – has struggled.

The Brazil boss knows what his ‘joker in the pack’ can do, though, and the Hammer is used in a variety of roles across the midfield and attack, even changing position several times during a game.

Paqueta is seen sharing an embrace with coach Tite as the players gather together and it’s all smiles, laughs and special handshakes for the samba boys.

You can watch the behind the scenes video of West Ham star Paqueta and co meeting up on One Football’s website.


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