Tottenham’s Pierre Hojbjerg closing in on Atletico Madrid move, reports

Tottenham’s Pierre Hojbjerg closing in on Atletico Madrid move, reports

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Like every potential outgoing move at Tottenham, the Pierre Hojbjerg to Atletico rumours have dragged on. 

The latest reports suggest Hojbjerg is finally close to getting his wish of a move to the Spanish capital. No, he won’t be playing for Real, but if the report is confirmed, to Diego Simeone’s Atletico.

However, before we offer the dogged Dane our best farewell wishes, the breaking news discussing his probable departure comes from an unreliable source.

Danish tabloid outlet Ekstra Bladet has published the latest news, saying the Dane’s departure is all but imminent.

Mainstream publications have been all over this story in the early goings. But the latest reputable report said that Atletico didn’t meet Spurs’ valuation for Hojbjerg.

Unless that has changed, we can’t take this latest news to the bank.

No financials are discussed in Ekstra Bladet’s assertion. The information couldn’t be more cryptic and vague other than to say that Hojbjerg is on the verge of joining Atletico.

Until this report is verified and piggybacked on, I wouldn’t commiserate or commemorate (depending on which side of the fence you sit regarding Hojbjerg’s potential departure) too quickly.

One thing is for sure; it’s probably only a matter of time before the Dane exits N17. Rarely has Hojbjerg been left out of the starting team since he arrived from Southampton in 2020.

Ange left him out on Sunday against Brentford. That wasn’t a surprise, as the gaffer has made it clear that Hojbjerg won’t be a staple in Spurs’ starting team like he was under previous regimes.

Also, Hojbjerg has publicly said he prefers to play for a team competing in the Champions League.

All of those factors contribute to the rumours of his probable departure. While the latest report has more holes than Donald Trump’s testimony, the Dane will probably secure his Atletico transfer before the Sept. 1 deadline.

That is unless Atletico refuses to increase their bid incrementally. They are willing to pay about £30 million for the Dane, while Spurs pegged Hojbjerg’s worth at about £40 million at the start of the transfer window.

There hasn’t been a lot of interest in Hojbjerg, so Spurs might bend on their asking price, potentially being amenable to £35 million. Atletico will also need to offload one or two players to find the funds for Hojbjerg.

So while the latest news says Hojbjerg is closing in on Atletico, there are still too many t’s to cross and i’s to dot to jump to that conclusion.

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