Tottenham reportedly not interested in selling Harry Kane to Munich

Tottenham reportedly not interested in selling Harry Kane to Munich

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The Harry Kane frenzy is well underway, with various mainstream media outlets saying the Tottenham player has given the green light on a potential move to Bayern Munich. 

Considering the reputability of the Bild and Sky Sports Germany, the validity of those rumours isn’t being disputed. It appears Kane is ready to move on and put his quest to become the Premier League’s all-time goalscorer on hold for a few seasons.

Kane currently has 213 Premier League goals. He would eclipse Alan Shearer’s 260-goal mark at his current pace in a season and a half.

Bayern Munich reportedly made a €70 million opening bid for Kane, a grossly low-ball offer that Spurs should feel insulted by.

Then again, it’s only an opening bid, and, considering Kane will leave for free at the end of next season, Bayern Munich will feel they have the upper hand on negotiations.

Daniel Levy doesn’t feel the same way.

He will not compromise on his asking price, reported to be over €100 million. It’s improbable Munich will match that offer, especially with the clubs €30 million apart after the opening bid.

There are add-ons and other incentives to consider, but the actual bid is miles off where it needs to be.

Kane has given the green light on a move to Germany. Unfortunately for Tottenham’s all-time goalscoring leader, it’s not really up to him.

The sad truth is that Daniel Levy still holds all the cards until the end of next season. Defiant and stubborn, Levy would rather see Kane leave for free than capitulate on his valuation of the club’s all-time most valuable asset.

As reports about Munich’s €70 million offer broke, ESPN released a story saying that Tottenham has no intention of selling Kane during the current summer transfer period, instead rolling the dice on allowing the 29-year-old talisman to leave for free at the end of 2023-24.

Unless Munich pays at least €100 million, Kane, it seems, will not be sold.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so it will be interesting to see how Kane deals with Tottenham’s refusal to offload him, even when he ostensibly wants to go.

A long-serving steward of the club, Kane deserves better.

He deserves the choice of where he wants to go, with the exception of a Premier League rival. But that choice will not be made available, as Levy again holds the club’s most loyal servant hostage.

There’s still a chance Munich will pony up and make Levy an offer he can’t refuse. But Munich is not known for making such grandiose offers, meaning Kane will probably suit up for Tottenham for one final swan song campaign.

We’re bound to find out whether it’s for better or worse.

  • Published on 06/27/2023 at 15:24 PM
  • Last updated at 06/27/2023 at 15:54 PM

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