Tottenham Hotspur needs to ignore the noise and maintain focus

Tottenham Hotspur needs to ignore the noise and maintain focus

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Forces outside the club seem to want to derail Tottenham Hotspur after a great start; Spurs need to ignore the noise and keep their focus to achieve their goals.

As a Tottenham fan, it is almost predictable. Whether the club has a good or bad run, we can expect many articles about our players and coaches and their futures at other clubs. In the last month, reports have come out about Harry Kane going to Bayern Munich, about Antonio Conte heading back to Juventus, and even that Heung-min Son did not only want to go to Liverpool but that the Reds turned him down.

These often-outlandish claims sometimes hint at the truth, like Conte’s love for Italy or Bayern’s affinity for aging strikers, but are all meant to do the same thing, destabilizing the team by turning heads and creating chaos. If Tottenham Hotspur is to achieve something big in a season unlike any other in Premier League history, Spurs need to ignore the noise following a strong start.

Of course, Kane is leaving Tottenham unless he is not

Since moving beyond the one-season wonder tag from the media at large, the most common thing written about Harry Kane is the idea of him leaving Tottenham Hotspur for greener pastures. Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, and now most recently, Bayern Munich have all been linked with a move for our talisman.

However, to date, the only thing that Spurs have ever received is speculation. A hard, firm offer for Kane has never materialized in his time at the club and seems unlikely to ever occur in many ways.

It is certainly possible that Kane passes Jimmy Greaves this season and becomes the club’s all-time leading goal scorer, and then leaves. However, only about three seasons short of Alan Shearer’s all-time Premier League record, it is hard to see Kane walking away from that opportunity to coast to a trophy in Germany.

Ultimately, Kane’s future may be tied as much to Antonio Conte remaining at Tottenham as any records, which fuel the fire; when reports surface, Conte may be heading back to Juventus.

Conte’s time will be up at Tottenham, but not this season

It was inevitable the moment the Italian signed on the dotted line, as it was for Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino before him; sooner or later, Conte would leave Tottenham, as all coaches eventually leave all clubs.

Of course, his leaving at some point seems more inevitable with Conte, given his track record is one of the two-year stints at the clubs he manages.

One can argue there were reasons in each instance for Conte to leave, as he was not chasing greener pastures so much that his process and project had run their course, or it was simply the nature of the club he was coaching.

Juventus and Chelsea change coaches like underwear, making Conte’s arrival and subsequent departure from both un-surprising.

With Italy, Conte had done his part, and the cycle was over as he went back to club coaching. And at Inter Milan, fiscal issues at the club led to differences in philosophical direction, and Conte left.

All those starts and stops have in common is that Conte finished his season.

The reality is there is nothing anyone can do to guarantee Conte will be at Tottenham next season or the season after that. However, it is almost 100% certain that the Italian will be at N17 until at least June 2023. Further, if recent reports are to be believed, Tottenham can extend Conte’s deal for a further year.

In truth, the articles about Kane, Conte, Son, and others will continue to come if the season continues to shine or Spurs slump. However, if Tottenham can stay above the noise and maintain focus, Spurs can do something that will end many of these outlandish reports and win some silverware.

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