Tottenham Hotspur Are In Free Fall

Tottenham Hotspur Are In Free Fall

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Oh, the whistle blows, the Cockerel crows and now we’re in the game. Well, not quite. It’s now one win in seven attempts as Tottenham Hotspur lost once more, this time at home to Brentford.

It was the final run out at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for Spurs this season and maybe the last as a Spurs striker for the greatest goalscorer in our history, Harry Kane. What looked like an adequate and attacking enough first 45 minutes, where Tottenham went into half-time with a 1-0 lead, soon turned into another abysmal display as Brentford hit three.

Only one finger to point for Tottenham Hotspur problems

The tale of Tottenham’s season has been partial performances. Aside from Southampton at home on the opening day of the season, Spurs haven’t played a full 90 minutes up to any standard. At best, they’ve shown 20 minutes here and there, or a full 45 minutes sometimes. Often raising their game in the second half, after gifting their opposition with goals galore in the first.

Daniel Levy has brought on some of the loudest protests against his reign at the club in his 22-year history through their predictability at all levels of the club this season.

Black balloons with “L£vy out” bounced around the South Stand and found their way onto the pitch in Tottenham’s last two home games. Purple and yellow scarves are now being sold and distributed amongst fans as protest colours to ENIC. Signs and flags have started appearing around the stadium, berating Levy and his abilities and importantly, getting good air time and discussion by pundits and commentators on television, too.

The visuals of anti-Levy and ENIC surrounds the man himself, topped off by the chants demanding Levy out, the current chairman has ignited and even orchestrated his own demise through arrogance and patronising language.

The failing chairman avoids clear answers. He avoids engaging with actual fan issues and topics and opts into speaking through repeated vocabulary in the matchday program or the club’s website. Even then, messages from Levy come so rarely you begin to wonder if he considers this acceptable. He’s surrounded by yes men and board members who have blundered in their role as much as he.

The upped prices of the OneHotspur Membership scheme were slapped back into his scowl, as many fans decided to end their paying ties to the club. The emotional stranglehold a season ticket waiting list position once had on the fans has quickly died at the new stadium. 62,000 seats, with 58,000 available for Spurs fans without the passion and cause to go. You don’t need a season ticket these days to be able to go to any and every home game, barring maybe Arsenal.

The players are stale, the ideas are burned out, the ego of the environment behind the scenes is too big, and the fans are exhausted from the cycle of mistakes and ineptness.

If Tottenham does miss out on all European football this season by finishing 8th or lower, it’ll be the first time the club hasn’t finished in the top 7 and a European placing in 14 years. Further warning that Levy has begun taking the club backward and at a dramatic pace.

The fans no longer trust the appointments being made. Scott Munn doesn’t do anything for most because of the feeling he’ll walk away within a short period after being bullied and controlled across the board by Levy. A new manager? Who cares who it is? Only about 4 of the 16 he’s hired have pulled the club to any level. Many others have blown up in his face and set fire to as much around them as possible.

So here comes the summer. The chaos of headlines surrounding which manager may or may not come to Spurs, Kane’s contract running down, how Eric Dier is in for a new contract, and Levy will only sell Japhet Tanganga or Davinson Sanchez for £ 60 million each and no less.

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