Tottenham: Handicapping the teams in the Premier League top-four race

Tottenham: Handicapping the teams in the Premier League top-four race

With ten weeks and a dozen matches left in the Premier League season, Tottenham Hotspur looks to be in the top four race, so who is positioned to finish fourth? 

An up-and-down season has left Spurs likely needing some help to finish fourth and earn the cash windfall that is Champions League football. Currently seventh, even with games in hand, there are a lot of teams between Tottenham and the European football everyone covets.

Mathematically speaking, teams as far back as Leicester City – who are 12th with 33 points and have several games in hand – have a chance to win the Premier League. While that chance is less than one percent, it is not mathematically impossible.

Unfortunately for Leicester City and most Premier League teams, math is not the same as reality. The reality is that only one of two teams – either Manchester City or Liverpool – will win the Premier League title.

Likewise, while mathematically even Watford has a greater-than-zero chance of reaching the top four, reality says there are only four teams in the race, with Tottenham being the last. Wolverhampton has hung tough and is only two points adrift of Spurs, but have played two more matches.

With three other teams in front of Tottenham, the odds of Wolves passing everyone to make it to the top four are not impossible but are less than one percent, the same as Watford.

This leaves Arsenal, Manchester United, West Ham, and Tottenham to battle it out, so who has the edge down the stretch?

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