There’s only one deadline Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will take notice of

There’s only one deadline Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will take notice of

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Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has flown to the US to meet with his holidaying family, with Bayern Munich’s self-imposed deadline regarding Harry Kane long past.

The deadline and ultimatum issued by Bayern were never going to impact Daniel Levy. It would have angered the chairman, who doesn’t get bossed into decisions by anyone.

Say what you want about Levy, but he is not the type of man an ultimatum works on.

Initially, the deadline was purportedly set for Saturday morning at midnight. It’s now past 4 pm in London, and Levy has absconded stateside, where he plans to meet his family.

The only deadline Levy needs to adhere to is the one set by Kane, who said he will remain at Tottenham if the deal isn’t complete by Aug. 13 when the club opens its 2023-24 campaign against Brentford.

Levy isn’t bothered in the least if Bayern pulls the chord on their latest €100 million plus add-ons. It will be no skin off his nose. If Bayern retracts the offer and walks away from the negotiating table, that will make Levy’s decision for him.

And that wouldn’t be a bad thing, particularly considering that the most crucial decision Levy will ever make is staring him in the face.

There could be many reasons Levy isn’t rushing to Bayern’s beck and call. He might still be deciding. One would hope he knows what he wants to do by now, so that possibility seems unlikely.

The idea that he will heed Joe Lewis’ advice is ludicrous, especially with US law enforcement all over the former owner like Bayern is on Tottenham for a decision.

The other possibility, a more likely scenario, is that Levy and his team are buried in the process of trying to find suitable replacements for Kane.

Selling him to Bayern without any potential replacements would leave Spurs desperately short for the forthcoming campaign.

Yes, the onus would be on Richarlison to step into Kane’s role, but the Brazilian would need backup, which puts the impetus on Levy and his team to find suitable reinforcements.

The longer he delays answering Bayern, the more time he has to find backup.

Ultimately, Levy moves only to his own music. He will not be bullied or coerced into a decision, especially one with as much gravitas.

He will answer on his own good time, forcing Bayern to wait, patiently or otherwise. I find it hard to imagine Bayern pulling the plug on yesterday’s final offer. And if it does, Tottenham can move on, knowing Kane will suit up in north London for one more season.

Either way, Tottenham has the upper hand. Bayern’s executives can continue with their empty threats or take action. Rest assured, Levy will not be forced into a decision on their clock.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Levy take the weekend, decompress with his family, letting Bayern know one way or another on Monday morning.

If no replacements have been sourced, Levy might be best served to reject the latest Bayern bid, this being the last time he’ll have to say no to the German champions.

However, it’s still more likely Levy will sell Kane given the extraordinary and complex circumstances he and the club is facing.

  • Published on 08/05/2023 at 4:33 PM BST
  • Last updated on 08/05/2023 at 5:00 PM BST

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