Shortest and stupidest Tottenham transfer rumour of the summer

Shortest and stupidest Tottenham transfer rumour of the summer

When you think Tottenham Hotspur is getting the transfer market figured out, a stupid rumour surfaces long enough to make one question everything. 

On Friday afternoon, it was all sunshine and smiles at Tottenham Way as Spurs had announced the official signing of Yves Bissouma, representing some of the much-needed depth the season ahead will demand. Then on Saturday, a new transfer rumour briefly popped up, making one question everything.

For a few hours on Saturday, the idea that Pierre Hojbjerg was on the transfer block was making the rounds. Alternatively, HotspurHQ sees the signing of Bissouma as one that benefits Hojbjerg, not as replacing him. After playing over 100 games for Spurs over the last two seasons, Hojbjerg is nearly indispensable but is only human.

Tottenham was also a bit bewildered by the rumour, and outlets started to shoot down the idea.

The Anatomy of a false Tottenham rumour

The funny part about the ‘story’ regarding Hojberg possibly being sold came from an article on Tuesday when the Bissouma news broke. In his column, Jacob indicated that Spurs could sell WInks and maybe could afford to part with Hojbjerg with the addition of Bissouma.

Jacob never indicated Hojbjerg was on the market and did not say Spurs wanted to sell him. Instead, he was speculating about the options available for Tottenham from the Bissouma move.

However, it makes headlines when someone wants to read something into an article from a legitimate, connected journalist. Given the uproar over his now five-day-old article, Jacob eventually came to his “senses” and removed Pierre’s name from his article.

Hojbjerg was never going anywhere, but someone said it was possible, and that is enough for a tweet. The entire drama represents everything wrong with football on Twitter. While the situation was rectified when Jacob fixed the article, he never should have needed to in the first place.

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