Pundit unimpressed with Anthony Martial’s time at Man United – Old Trafford Faithful

Pundit unimpressed with Anthony Martial’s time at Man United – Old Trafford Faithful

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Simon Jordan has been left disappointed with Anthony Martial at Man United.

Manchester United Football Club thought they’d unearthed an absolute gem when they signed Anthony Martial from AS Monaco.

The Frenchman looked stunning in the early going, starting with a match-winning debut goal against none other than Liverpool. His first couple of seasons would be filled with promise and development. But sadly, his growth as a player has halted since.

Six and a half years he’s been here for. Can we honestly sit here and say Martial has done enough? The answer to that question is probably no.

Martial hasn’t been helped by a constant change in manager and coaching staff, while his place in the side has never been a given, in comparison to the likes of Marcus Rashford who has been given far more opportunities.

Yesterday, one pundit took to the air to state how disappointed he has been with the 26-year-old who hasn’t really ‘made his mark’. Honestly, it’s hard to disagree with talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan…

Check out what Simon Jordan had to say here:

“If you look at young players. Wayne Rooney went into Man United as a teenager, [Cristiano Ronaldo] went there, Jude Bellingham’s gone to Dortmund as a teenager,” Jordan said on talkSPORT.

It depends on the player and how they adapt.

“The ownership of the outcome is determined by the player and is created by him.

“If you’ve been there a couple years, or eighteen months like Wilfried Zaha went there, clearly it wasn’t right for him to go Man United at the time.

“You can contribute that to the player and the step up, he [Martial] has been given six-and-half-years!

“Six-and-half-years to get his act together. Ultimately he’s not really made his mark.”

“It’s all been about what he can do rather than what he has done. You have to lay the blame the player – the same way with Memphis Depay when he came.

Like I said earlier, his talent is undeniable. We’re talking about someone who could go right the way to the top if he wanted it badly enough. I’m just not sure the mentality is right.

As we all know, Martial is spending the remainder of the season with Sevilla in the La Liga – which is an excellent opportunity for the Frenchman to play without the pressure for a few months.

If he can rediscover his best form relatively early on, I really do believe he’ll have success in a system that plays to his strengths.

Then that begs the question, does he get another chance at United or do the Red Devils strike while the iron is hot and cash in on Martial permanently?

Does Anthony Martial still have a chance to make a name for himself at Man United? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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