Pictures: David de Gea wins Premier League POTM for first time – Old Trafford Faithful

Pictures: David de Gea wins Premier League POTM for first time – Old Trafford Faithful

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David de Gea has been named the Premier League’s Player of the Month for January.

There’s not a Manchester United fan on planet Earth who doesn’t appreciate what David de Gea has done for this club.

The superstar Spaniard has been our only consistent performer over a decade-long period. He deserves the utmost respect for remaining completely loyal over all these years.

While it’s true there have been times when I’ve doubted De Gea, tipping Dean Henderson for the number one jersey, I’m proud to admit I was wrong. The Spaniard came back better than ever this term, making those unreal saves week-in-week-out that he’s always been capable of.

January felt like a big month for United. It was a period in which the Red Devils shot up the Premier League table, back into Champions League qualification contention. They owe a lot of that to De Gea.

For his efforts, De Gea was named the Premier League Player of the Month award winner for January. Unbelievably, that’s the first time in his career he’s won this accolade.

Check out the photos of David de Gea here:

As you can see from the photos above, he looked happy to win the award, complete with FIFA Ultimate Team card – that looks pretty good in my opinion!

Is De Gea underappreciated? Well, outside of United, he absolutely is. For years he’s been in the upper echelons of goalkeepers but a few errors and everyone suddenly discredits him from these discussions.

Would I swap him for any other Premier League goalkeeper? Right now, I wouldn’t. When I look abroad there’s only a few who are as good as him overall, but in terms of shot-stopping ability, there is still nobody better.

Congratulations, Dave!

Is David de Gea back to his best? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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