Picture: 2023/24 Man United away kit leaked online

Picture: 2023/24 Man United away kit leaked online

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The rumoured 2023/24 Man United away kit has been leaked online.

A New Year is upon us, with 2023 set to be an important one in Manchester United’s rich history. New owners appear to be on the horizon, with the Glazer family looking to step back in some capacity.

On the pitch and off it, change is happening at the Theatre of Dreams.

Onto today, it always feels weird to bring you kit leaks for the new season when this campaign is less than halfway through, yet, here we are.

It’s Footy Headlines with excellent information as per usual. They’ve been our go-to for these sort of leaks for years. More often than not, those guys and girls are bang on the money.

This time around, they’re sharing what appears to be the 2023/24 Man United away kit. The first thing to note is that this has vertical stripes. Something we haven’t seen on a Reds strip for ages.

Check out the photo here:
manchester united 23 24 away kit 2

Another point of note is that the United crest is bang in the middle of the jersey, rather than over to the side. These bigger changes always seem to happen on the away kits, in an effort to keep the home strip looking far more traditional and typical.

There’s also no shirt sponsor. As is now public knowledge, TeamViewer are looking to end their deal early. No doubt United are in talks with many potential suitors, though as of yet, nothing has been officially announced.

Footy Headlines put a probability of 70% accuracy for this strip, so please be aware that it is subject to change. I’d imagine the main idea behind the design is pretty much spot on, with small changes still to come as we approach the summer.

Do you like this kit? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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