One of our own: How Harry Kane led me to Tottenham

One of our own: How Harry Kane led me to Tottenham

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Although Harry Kane has left for Bayern Munich, the Tottenham legend is why I’m a supporter today. Fortunately, that will never change. 

Kane suits up for Bayern Munich in his debut Bundesliga appearance in less than than an hour. Like most supporters, I’m bitterly disappointed to see him plying his trade elsewhere. But his legend will forever live on at Spurs, and so will his immeasurable influence on countless supporters.

It was the summer of 2018, and I was living with a close friend. The World Cup was in full swing, and I was keeping a close eye on the matches because my friend was (and unfortunately still is) an Arsenal fan.

He had been pushing me to find an EPL team, recommending that I find a player I loved to watch during the tournament and follow their domestic league team.

“Well, what if I pick a player that doesn’t play on a Premier League team?” I asked him, thinking this was a perfectly valid question.

“Don’t worry; the player you pick will be playing the EPL. I just have a feeling,” he replied with a laugh.

Sure enough, he was right. I came to appreciate and admire the form of two European strikers: Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku and England’s Harry Kane. Everybody loves a prolific goal scorer, right?

Much like baseball fans are attracted to home runs, the top-scoring threats in the world will always have their fans.

Well, Lukaku and Kane had a new fan in me.

However, there was a problem with Lukaku: he played for Manchester United, a team another close friend of mine supported.

So, Kane was the choice.

Of course, my buddies tried to dissuade me, saying that the club he played for, Tottenham Hotspur, had not won a trophy for ages. That didn’t sway me, though.

I grew to love Kane, and, in turn, Spurs.

Throughout the past five years, the love I have for Spurs has grown, equaling my affection for the teams I have supported for my entire life, and frankly, I can’t imagine being a fan of another EPL squad.

Even though Kane was the impetus behind my choice to support Spurs, there have been so many moments during my fandom that I won’t forget.

The most impactful moments

The heartache when Poch was fired in 2019 and impending fear when he was replaced by Jose Mourinho.

The thrill of Lucas Moura’s three goals away at Ajax to clinch our spot in the 2019 Champions League, only to have those hopes and dreams dashed by Liverpool on that fateful June night.

The endless ups and downs of the Mourinho, Nuno, and Conte eras, from the highest of highs (the 6-1 beatdown of United at Old Trafford under Jose, clinching fourth place in the Premier League under Conte during his first season), to the lowest of lows (the Special One being canned days before the Carabao Cup final against Manchester City, Nuno’s spectacularly short reign, and the spectacular implosion of our squad following Conte’s post-match tirade after the disastrous draw with Southampton).

Many fellow Premier League fans have told me to expect that from Spurs.

However, I think that we are about to enter one of the most significant eras in our club’s history, equalling and possibly surpassing the golden age of Bill Nicholson.

While it’s only been a few pre-season friendlies and a season-opening draw at Brentford, new manager Ange Postecoglou has brought an exciting system and attitude to N17, and his team looks to have fully bought in.

From captain Heung-Min Son to vice-captains James Maddison and Cristian Romero to youngsters Destiny Udogie and new keeper Guglielmo Vicario, this group has the potential to ascend to new heights.

So, as Kane begins his new journey in Germany, all I have to say is thank you, Harry, and good luck. You’ll always be One of our Own.

But now, and always, it will be, Come on you Spurs.

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