Mourinho’s comments about Tottenham shouldn’t be taken lightly

Mourinho’s comments about Tottenham shouldn’t be taken lightly

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While Jose Mourinho’s latest comments about Tottenham shouldn’t come as a surprise, his conspicuous indifference toward the club is yet another indictment on Daniel Levy. 

Mourinho was sent packing less than a week before the 2021 Carabao Cup Final against Manchester City, robbed of a chance to secure a trophy, the primary reason he was hired in the first place.

So it’s no surprise to see Mourinho take a dig at Spurs, saying it’s the only club in a long list of former employers that he doesn’t have a “deep feeling for.”

It’s also the only club he never won silverware at.

Mourinho has won 26 trophies while managing 10 clubs during his illustrious career, including the European Conference League with Roma the season after being ushered out of Hotspur Way.

While there was nothing anyone could do about the timing of Mourinho’s Tottenham introduction, which narrowly preceded the onset of Covid, the same cannot be said for how Levy handled Mourinho’s departure.

Admittedly, Mourinho had lost the locker room and was on a one-way path out as Spurs manager. The on-field product had derailed, and Mourinho’s tenure had become untenable.

However, Levy owed it to not only Mourinho but also supporters to allow the Portuguese to see the Carabao Cup run through to the end.

I’m not saying the result against City in the final would have been any different with Mourinho at the helm, but at least we’d have closure.

Firing Mourinho before the final accomplished nothing other than leaving loose ends flailing in the wind. It’s just another example of Levy’s incompetence, at least in terms of football operations.

Mourinho wasn’t faultless in the scenario, far from it. I was a proponent of seeing the back of his pass-the-buck antics, but he should have been given the opportunity to finish the job he started.

Now Mourinho looks forward to another showcase match as Roma prepares to take on Sevilla in the Europa League Final.

Mourinho will secure his 27th trophy and second in as many seasons as Roma’s boss if they defeat Sevilla on May 31.

All the while, Tottenham, after enduring their most tumultuous season in the last decade, extend their trophy-less run to 15 years.

I don’t know about you, but winning the European Conference League sounds pretty damn good right now.

But, unfortunately, even participation in Europe’s third-tier competition looks increasingly unlikely.

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