Harry Kane confirms Bayern Munich move, various sources

Harry Kane confirms Bayern Munich move, various sources

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The Harry Kane saga has come to a devastating end, with the former Tottenham talisman confirming his move to Bayern Munich, various sources report. 

For a while, Spurs supporters thought it would be a fairytale ending, with Kane signing a contract extension to see him finish his career at Tottenham.

It turns out that was fantasy, as Kane, just three days before Spurs opening Premier League match, is as good as gone.

The Tottenham faithful are fuming about how Daniel Levy has handled the entire debacle, leaving it until the 11th hour to sell his most-prized asset for just over £100 million all in, an amount still seen by most as undercutting his market value, particularly given the timing and ostensible lack of a backup plan.

Now Tottenham has almost no time to find reinforcements. Hopefully, Levy and company have contingency plans for this eventuality. But knowing how the chairman has conducted his business in the past, that’s unlikely.

Spurs enter scramble mode even before the campaign has begun, a foreboding and angering thought for supporters. But Ange will almost assuredly take this behemoth setback in stride.

The Australian gaffer has always done things the hard way, which will continue in his first manager role in one of Europe’s elite five leagues. He has always overcome the odds and will have to do so again as Spurs enter the campaign without their all-time goalscoring leader, who will join Bayern immediately.

Kane is set to make £25 million per year, equalling £480,000 a week, more than double his current salary. Sky Sports earlier reported that Kane was likely to stay in north London, a report that was way off the mark.

The whole saga has shown that nobody knew what was happening behind the scenes. No journalist, not even Kane or Levy.

If Levy had sold Kane for the amount he accepted (just over £100 million) at the start of the transfer period, people wouldn’t be as disgruntled as they are today.

Selling Kane at the last minute has put Ange between a boulder and a Great Wall Of China-size barrier. But if anyone can overcome this behemoth challenge, it’s Ange.

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