Ferdinand slams ‘absolutely criminal’ Paul Pogba transfer business – Old Trafford Faithful

Ferdinand slams ‘absolutely criminal’ Paul Pogba transfer business – Old Trafford Faithful

pogba hates deeper role at man united

Rio Ferdinand has slated Man United for letting Paul Pogba’s contract wind down.

Manchester United have arguably their biggest summer ever on the horizon. A new manager will be appointed while we expect wholesale changes will be made within the dressing room.

Although it hurts now, perhaps a season out of the Champions League will jolt our players and board back into action.

With players coming in, some will inevitably be moved on as a way of balancing the books. One star who will all-but-certainly play his football elsewhere next term is Paul Pogba.

The Frenchman’s contract is winding down to its expiration with no new signs of a deal being agreed upon anytime soon. This will be the second time in his career that Pogba has walked away from Old Trafford for free.

As you’d expect, the United legend has slammed the club for this massive error the Reds have made in the transfer market. Though I actually disagree with Rio here.

Check out what Rio Ferdinand had to say in full here:

“That’s because business has been done poorly I think at the club.” Ferdinand said when discussing United’s transfer business, on his FIVE YouTube channel.

“I don’t think we should be allowing players to get down to this stage of their contracts, I don’t think it should happen.

“If someone like Marcus, like Pogba, you want to keep these players if they’re playing well, if you have the desire to keep them, get it done and dusted.

“Economically, to let someone leave, you’ve spent £80m-£90m, come in and leave plus wages, leave on a free transfer is absolutely criminal.

“It’s like we’ve pulled our pants down twice. Unbelievable.”

I fully understand where Ferdinand is coming from. But you absolutely cannot have it both ways. Time and time again we’ve slated this club for giving contracts to those that do not deserve them.

Should United really now do that again? Imagine if this club bowed down to Pogba’s requests and handed him something like £400,000-a-week to put the effort in as and when he feels like it? Honestly, I firmly believe the Red should take the hit (because it’s a big one) and let him walk.

Pogba divides fan opinion like no other, but I believe we’d be lying to ourselves if we think he’s been a good addition for this club. He’s had a handful of truly world-class games. That’s not enough for a man who cost £90million.

It’s now time to hit the reset button and build around those guys who want to be here. I look at Bruno Fernandes as the main talisman for this side, while his future is now secure. Let’s take it step by step, weed out the rot and start to get back on track.

Is Rio Ferdinand right? Or are the club correct to let Paul Pogba walk away? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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