Expect a more compelling third bid for Tottenham’s Harry Kane

Expect a more compelling third bid for Tottenham’s Harry Kane

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This story isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as Bayern Munich is expected to submit a third bid for Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

Sky Sports Germany’s Florian Plettenberg, the guru insider on the Kane melodrama, says a third bid is forthcoming.

So, like Samuel L. Jackson said in the original Jurassic Park 30 years ago, “Hold on to your butts.”

Among the other rhetoric he has spouted, Plettenberg is increasingly confident that Bayern Munich will successfully secure Kane’s services before summer’s end.

It begs the question, what does he know that everyone else doesn’t? Will Bayern Munich’s third bid be so impactful it will knock the spectacles clean off Daniel Levy’s face?

In quintessential Levy fashion, he said yesterday that his asking price for Kane is £120 million, about €140 million. On an aside, I absolutely love the timing of the chairman disclosing the asking price, an admission he has otherwise remained tight-lipped about.

While I strongly agree with Levy’s valuation of Kane, maybe, considering the circumstances, he would accept a marked-down bid of €100 or €110 million.

The circumstances are Kane’s desire to leave and honouring the legend’s wish to secure a fresh start elsewhere.

There’s also the potential of Kane leaving for free next season, probably to a Premier League rival, a factor Levy will have to face if a fair and equitable bid is indeed forthcoming.

Surely Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigg, after he, Thomas Tuchel, and company have dedicated all this time to courting Kane, won’t waste Tottenham’s time again.

When Bayern Munich’s third bid is submitted, expect it to be reasonable.

Whether their version of reasonable is enough to turn Levy’s head is another matter entirely, but I’ll be gobsmacked if the bid isn’t €100 million.

If it falls well below that number, Bayern should apologize profoundly for wasting everyone’s time, for being nothing more than a flirtatious tease.

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