Eintracht Frankfurt is a must win game for Tottenham Hotspur

Eintracht Frankfurt is a must win game for Tottenham Hotspur

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Advancing in the Champions League to the knockout stage is important, and if Tottenham Hotspur is going to do that, they must beat Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday.

After the first three matches of the Group Stage, Tottenham Hotspur is an underwhelming 1-1-1. Securing a big home win in the first match against Marseille, Tottenham has struggled over the last two outings, failing to score against either Sporting or Frankfurt.

Those second two matches were on the road, and now Tottenham has the good fortune of playing two straight home matches to establish their standing in the group. To advance from the group, clubs must hold serve at home and get a few points on the road. Holding serve at home against Frankfurt is what Spurs need to do.

Tottenham needs to get back in the goals

Through three games in the Champions League, Spurs have only scored two goals, both of which came from Richarlison, who we do not expect to start on Wednesday. Dejan Kulusevski is injured, so options are limited up front, meaning there needs to be some firepower on the bench.

According to UEFA, Tottenham has taken 41 sots in the UCL, but more than one in three of those shots have been blocked. Furthermore, with only eight shots on target from the three matches, Spurs must do better.

This should start with the team being more assertive with the ball and working to control more of the possession. In Germany, Spurs held the ball for 55% of the game, and they need to work to be even more domineering at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Frankfurt only averages about 42% possession across their three matches, and if Tottenham can come close to holding the ball 60% of the time, it bodes well for the team.

The more possession Spurs have, the more chances they can make for stars Harry Kane and Heung-min Son, which is the right recipe for creating goals.

Three points are vital for advancing

If Tottenham were to lose, they would be no higher than third in the group after four matches and would, at most, only be able to reach 10 points, which likely will not be enough to advance. Likewise, while better than a loss, another draw does little to help secure Spurs advancing.

If Tottenham can control the game and get more shots going, they should be able to win, which is the most important thing at this point and would set the team up for success moving forward.

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