Big summer for young Tottenham Hotspur attacking trio

Big summer for young Tottenham Hotspur attacking trio

Tottenham Hotspur has a lot of talent across the attacking line, including three talented lads on the under-21 team, who will be looking to build on an already successful summer during pre-season.

With some significant summer accomplishments already behind them, the Tottenham youth attacking trio of Troy Parrott, Dane Scarlett, and Alfie Devine will be looking to make a splash in pre-season, and one may make the senior team.

Summer not squandered for Spurs youth

It indeed has been a wonderful summer already for Parrott, Scarlett, and Devine, who all are looking to take the next step in their respective careers.

Parrott got things started for the group, logging over 220 minutes for the Republic of Ireland in Nations League play. After playing only about 40 minutes in his three previous caps,  the minutes were significant for the 20-year-old centre-forward. Undoubtedly the highlight of Parrott’s participation was the goal and the assist he had against Scottland, in a start for his country.

Scarlett and Devine’s obvious summer highlight has been winning the U19 EURO Championship for England. Both were significant contributors to the squad, starting four of the five games, with Devin featuring in all five matches.

After leading the team with six goals during qualifiers, Scarlett (18) had a Brace in the team’s Grop B win against Serbia and added an assist. Devine (17) did his part, adding a goal in the opening match against Austria and later two assists.

Devine also played the corner kick that was redirected and then finished for the Three Lion’s opener in the Final against Israel.

The point is all three lads did what they could to make a statement this summer as pre-season begins at Tottenham Hotspur. Now the question is, what happens with each player?

Tottenham needs to choose player development

Had Spurs not signed Richarlison this summer, it is possible there would be a place and role in the squad for one or even more of the three youngsters. However, with the addition of Richarlison and the possibility of another player signing, it seems unlikely that any of the three are with the senior team after the window closes.

With a potentially minor role available at N17, the question is what kind of loan can be found for each of the three.

Parrott spent last season at League One side MK Dons and now appears ready for at least the Championship this season. Devine and Scarlett seem to like they are where Parrott was about a year ago, where a move to a League One team would make sense.

What neither Devine nor Scarlett wants is what happened to Parrott a few seasons ago,, where he saw few opportunities in a relegation-threatened Championship side, costing him half a season. Thus League One seems about right for both, and if they are ready for more, a step up to the Championship in January could make sense.

For now, South Korea is calling where all three men should get an opportunity to show what they can do. Let’s hope all three step up and can find the right loan fit to continue their development for what appears to be three very talented future Spurs.

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