Backers, critics two schools of thought on Paratici’s first full transfer period

Backers, critics two schools of thought on Paratici’s first full transfer period

Backers and critics of Fabio Paratici’s have wildly differing viewpoints on the status of Tottenham’s transfer window. 

Paratici’s backers

Paratici’s backers are in the majority amongst Tottenham supporters. They believe, a day prior to the deadline, that Paratici has done the best he could considering the circumstances he inherited when he took the helm as the club’s director of football.

The collapsed Adama Traore and Luis Diaz negotiations were no fault of his own. That is, he’s completely devoid of culpability, as both aforementioned players always had their respective eyes on other suitors, namely Barcelona and Liverpool.

Diaz for obvious reasons. He wanted to play for bonafide title contender, a team who just recently won Europe’s most coveted club prize, a competition in which their participation is seemingly perpetually guaranteed.

Traore’s hometown in Barcelona. It’s where he started his career, albeit briefly. And he didn’t ever really buy in to Conte’s plan of playing him at right wingback. Those reasons along with a failed transfer policy years in the making created an uphill battle Paratici never had a chance of conquering.

Paratici did his utmost to catch the big fish, to show the world Tottenham would elevate their status to world class. While some people will believe he failed in that conquest, his backers are thankful he at least took a swing at the aspirational prize.

In the end, Paratici raided his former club of assets they no longer had any use for. And in doing so, he made Tottenham Hotspur stronger, even if only marginally. But that was his goal all along. January is an incredibly difficult transfer period to make colossal gains, even more so when your football club doesn’t have Champions League football to sweeten any prospective bids.

The Italian director of football also got rid of every player Antonio Conte wanted to, ensuring the gaffer has personnel in the locker room he can trust, devoid of any potential toxicity or burdening drama.

Now Spurs can concentrate on making a final push for a top four spot, which, if achieved, would facilitate Paratici with the bargaining power he will require to turn Tottenham into a perennial contender.

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