According to former Bayern president, Kane is as good as gone

According to former Bayern president, Kane is as good as gone

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Former Bayern preisdent Uli Hoeness says if Harry Kane keeps his word, it’s only a matter of time before he leaves Tottenham for the German champions. 

The former Bayern president and current board member expects Kane to sign on the dotted line imminently. However, everything, as it always has, relies on Daniel Levy and his willingness to sell Kane.

Bayern will invariably make a third bid for Kane, which should be significantly more equitable and compelling than their first two pathetic lowball offers.

The comments by Hoeness will anger Levy, who loathes pressure-by-media antics, at least when they’re aimed directly at his forehead. It also feels Hoeness, by going public with a private conversation, is betraying Kane.

That’s unless Kane gave Hoeness permission to speak to the media.

He might have, as it could be a savvy ploy to accelerate his potential departure. Kane hasn’t had any success doing that internally on his own accord, so maybe Hoeness intervened.

Levy has offered Kane a massive contract extension, reported to be £400,000 weekly, plus post-career assurances at the club.

The details of that part of the contract aren’t clear, but it would invariably set Kane up for the rest of his non-playing days. He would have an instrumental part to play in off-the-pitch affairs.

However, if Kane and his family, like the reports suggest, are keen on the move, Levy should let him go.

That’s of course predicated on receiving an equitable third bid of at least €100 million. Even that is way below Levy’s €140 million valuation. However, a bid of between €110 and €120 million could convince Levy to let his want-away talisman depart.

Kane will not demand a transfer, though.

He will forge forward whatever card he is dealt. If that means staying at Tottenham, hopefully his desire to leave won’t impact his on-the-pitch level.

Bayern is showing clear signs of increased confidence.

Even Thomas Tuchel made a veiled reference to Kane, saying the club will go “all in” if they are committed to a player. Well, they are definitely committed to signing Kane.

The German champions, at all levels of management, have made that abundantly clear. PSG is reportedly lurking in the shadows, ready to match, even surpass Bayern’s third bid.

But Kane has given Bayern verbal assurances, according to Hoeness. And if we know anything about Kane, it’s that he’s a man of his word.

So if he doesn’t end up at Bayern during the summer transfer period, expectations, at least from Bayern’s side, is that he’ll land in Bavaria either during the winter transfer period or when his Tottenham contract expires at the end of next season.

The next two or three weeks is a crucial period in this continuous melodrama.

Let’s see where this goes, but things are heating up on both sides of the coin. Will Kane sign a massive extension with Tottenham, thereby keeping him at his boyhood club for the rest of his illustrious career?

Or will he depart imminently, ready to win club trophies immediately, including an opportunity to win the biggest of them all, the Champions League, which he narrowly missed out on in 2019.

Even if he leaves for Munich, his age suggests he will still have enough time to surpass Alan Shearer’s all-time goalscoring record. So don’t expect that to deter him from embarking on a new path.

  • Published on 07/15/2023 at 18:44 PM
  • Last updated at 07/15/2023 at 19:17 PM

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