A transfer rumour striking an emotional chord with Tottenham supporters

A transfer rumour striking an emotional chord with Tottenham supporters

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Back in the spotlight, Tottenham’s Pierre Hojbjerg is now being linked to Atletico Madrid, where Diego Simeone is salivating at the prospect of welcoming the dogged Dane to the Spanish capital.  

Although something concrete has yet to happen, and neither club has engaged with the other, this rumour is gaining the type of momentum we hope to see from Spurs in the forthcoming campaign.

This rumour has immeasurably more merit than the one suggesting his return to Bayern Munich.

Knowing he’s probably the odd midfielder out in Ange’s 4-3-3 formation, Hojbjerg is open to the idea of leaving Hotspur Way. And what better destination than Atletico under the stewardship of Simeone, a similar no-nonsense personality?

Before he hung up the boots for management, Simeone played a lot like Hojbjerg. That rough-and-tumble style has endeared the Dane to most Tottenham supporters.

Hojbjerg works relentlessly for the badge and almost always leaves everything on the pitch. He unceasingly fights like he was in Gallipoli over 100 years ago (couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make an Australian-based reference).

Few put their body on the line for the collective like Hojbjerg. He is a true warrior, one of the few remaining in a dying breed. If there were 10 lollygagging, lazy passengers on the pitch, you could rest assured Hojbjerg is the sole exception.

However, the devoted Dane appears to be on the outside peering in. Yves Bissouma and Oliver Skipp are tailor-fit for the No. 6 role, and Hojbjerg doesn’t have the offensive qualities to receive No. 8 consideration.

Not only is Hojbjerg seen as the ugly duckling in Ange’s revolution, but he also has the highest resale value. Still in his prime, the 27-year-old has a lot to offer for the right suitor, which Atletico appears to be.

Hojbjerg was purchased for £15 million from Southampton in 2020, the best £15 million Tottenham has spent in about a decade.

Transfermarkt has his worth at €45 million (£39 million), a fair valuation. Some supporters believe he’s worth a lot less. I’m afraid I have to disagree vehemently. He offers the intangibles most don’t, including the ability to lead and galvanize an entire squad.

Sure, he struggled to inspire his teammates in 2022-23, but you can hardly blame him based on the disarray at the club.

If Atletico bids between £30 million, expect Tottenham to seriously consider selling him. If a £40 million bid is submitted, Hojbjerg will be bound for sunny Spain.

One thing’s for sure: Hojbjerg won’t accept the prospect of being a squad player, a mere afterthought. He’s too valuable, proud, and earnest to acquiesce to such a severe downgrade.

If he’s not a part of Tottenham’s first-team plans, he won’t sit idly by, which is precisely why this rumour has a good chance of manifesting into something more.

For the right price, Tottenham is willing to sell. Hojbjerg is open to leaving, and Atletico, especially Diego, wants him.

Other than the financials, those are the three most important factors for a transfer to come to fruition.

If he does leave, Tottenham supporters will forever debate his worth and whether he met expectations during his three seasons in north London.

One thing we shouldn’t debate is whether he bled and fought for the team. If supporters can’t reach a consensus on that point, a consensus will never be reached.

  • Published on 06/30/2023 at 05:00 AM
  • Last updated at 06/30/2023 at 05:00 AM

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