A possible, yet risky solution for Conte’s Tottenham Hotspur conundrum

A possible, yet risky solution for Conte’s Tottenham Hotspur conundrum

Antonio Conte has gotten the best out of Tottenham since arriving in November, but seeing his side go over three hours without registering a shot will make him contemplate all sorts of solutions. 

The gaffer favours a 3-4-3 formation. In fact, he very rarely deviates, instead opting for the consistency and stability his preferred formation brings. He’s also knows his personnel better than anyone, understanding acutely what system yields the most optimal results.

However, going back to the well every game with the same formation and personnel has the drawback of becoming too predictable, easy to combat.

The last two matches have proven that, with Brighton and Brentford suffocating Spurs, holding them to no shots on target.

Both Brentford and Brighton, by playing three in the centre of the park, dominated the midfield, and in particular Rodrigo Bentancur and Pierre Hojbjerg.

The last two matches saw Spurs’ central pair devoid of time and space, nullifying the possibility of the pair dictating proceedings or picking out an incisive pass.

Being outmanned and outgunned in central midfield wouldn’t pose too much of an issue if Conte had dynamic wingbacks who could continuously drive back the opposing defence, knock in a pinpoint cross or at least show a morsel of enterprise.

Unfortunately none of those three prerequisites are being met.

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