A few things about potential Depay transfer that should concern Tottenham

A few things about potential Depay transfer that should concern Tottenham

There is a distinct possibility of Barcelona’s Memphis Depay signing with Tottenham in the coming weeks, but a few challenging impediments remain as negotiations deepen. 

It is thought Spurs have just submitted a £15 million bid to Barcelona for their 28-year-old Dutchman, who only arrived at the Catalan club last year. Barcelona remains defiant on the price and is asking for at least an additional £2 million.

While £2 million doesn’t constitute a lot of money in today’s game, it is a fair amount considering the comparatively low total amount Depay will be sold for.

Depay had his heart set on making waves at Barcelona. Landing in Barcelona was always seen by Depay as a dream move, which could present a problem for Spurs.

It looks like Depay, who would prefer to stay at Barcelona, might find it difficult to fully commit to Antonio Conte’s Tottenham project. That poses a problem for the Italian gaffer, who will only accept those who are devoted entirely to the Tottenham cause.

Depay wants more playing time, the only reason he’ll accept a move away from Barcelona. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Robert Lewandowski will get the bulk of playing time with the Spanish giants, leaving Depay on the outside looking in.

However, Depay was not pleased with his initial stint in England. He endured an underwhelming, even bitterly disappointing two-year span with Manchester United from 2015-17 where he scored seven goals in 53 appearances.

The bitterly sour taste remained in the aftermath of his departure from United. The Dutchman is said to be hesitant about returning to England after what can only be considered an abject failure.

If Depay is amenable to giving England another go and Conte and Fabio Paratici can overlook the fact that the player’s heart is somewhere else, this deal could come to fruition.

Depay could inarguably add more secondary scoring to Spurs. He is versatile and can play in pretty much any attacking position.

Although in recent seasons he has preferred a more central role. If Depay can get over his reservations about returning to England and can commit wholly to the north London, he’d make an excellent, cost-effective signing.

What are your thoughts on the prospect of Depay landing at Spurs?

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