A case of nothing changes as Tottenham and Bayern continue stalemate

A case of nothing changes as Tottenham and Bayern continue stalemate

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It’s getting bothersome now as Tottenham and Bayern Munich continue their infuriating stalemate over Harry Kane’s future. 

The Bayern Munich delegation arrived in London for a high-profile, garish central London lunch. By all appearances, nothing was accomplished.

I’m sure Bayern offered to pay the bill as part of its “add-ons” for the England captain. If this never-ending saga weren’t so damaging, it would be farcical.

Reports suggest the parties remain at loggerheads, separated by about £20 million. That’s a massive chunk of change.

Why fly to London and waste everybody’s time? Surely Bayern knows by now that Daniel Levy will not capitulate on his lower-limit asking price.

Kane is not going anywhere unless the bid exceeds £100 million. Not €100 million with a lavish lunch thrown in for good measure.

Less than two weeks remain until the 2023-24 season kicks off, and Spurs are no closer to reaching a resolution on the club’s most important player, arguably of all time.

If Bayern hasn’t increased its bid to a fair and equitable amount by now, who is to say they will shift gears and pony up in the coming days?

If they do, Tottenham will lose their most prized asset without enough time to find suitable replacements. That would be a catastrophic outcome, maybe even more so than losing him for free at the end of next season.

Now Spurs sit in limbo, waiting, biding their time. Many think Daniel Levy is waiting for the Kane proceeds to match Bayer Leverkusen’s £50 million valuation of Edmond Tapsoba.

I certainly hope that’s not the case. If it is, we’ll be waiting, probably until the ocean’s water levels rise to a dangerous height.

In the meantime, Spurs land continues to twiddle their collective thumbs, waiting idly by, wondering what the hell is going on.

No news is certainly not good news in this scenario. But at least the top brass of both clubs enjoyed a lunch fit for kings. Not that they’re deserving of it.

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