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What are you watching today? PSG? Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi? Ok, me too.

There’s only one club in the world that does things the way fans think they should… and that’s PSG. What they did this summer was grotesque. It shouldn’t happen. It’s basically Harlem Globetrotters. But here we are, in the Champions League, watching a fat rich person spewing gold onto a pitch.

It’ll be very interesting to see how that all works over the course of a year. My suspicion is it might not win them the Champions League, but we’ll see.

The hot story doing the rounds is that Arteta, according to Bild, has promised Leno his shirt back after two games.


Seems a bit odd and quite un-Arteta like. It also seems weird that Leno would agree to be dropped for two games. What sort of elite athlete asks for a breather 3 games into a season? Especially if the person taking your place is someone other than Runarsson.

My suspicion. This story is nonsense. Ramsdale has the shirt until he fucks up. That’s how it should go. We’ve watched 2 years of meh keeping, now is the chance for someone else to give it a go. Leno is also down to two years on his deal. The club was always going to make this season rough for him so he’d leave to chase the Germany #1 spot.

Did I tell you Tomiyasu said he was buzzing? I love that. Do Japanese people call each other ‘slags’ when they greet each other?

Back to it…

There are HAAAAWT rumours that Charlie Patino, god of Hale-End Twitter, is going to make an appearance next week in the league cup. The story goes that he’s impressing the Arsenal first-team players. That video of him dropping Phil Jones, then chipping Dean Henderson was very reminiscent of Jack Wilshere having that moment against West Ham reserves when he curled a pearler into the top corner. Some kids have a swagger that just screams ‘I WILL GET A GO’… that’s what I’m seeing here.

Arteta really does have a fine balancing act in the League Cup. He needs build familiarity with this new squad of players, but at the same time, make sure the talent coming through doesn’t suffer. Balancing longterm goals while catering to gangrenous short term needs is a might fine line to tread. I fully expect the backline to mostly remain in tact. I think the major change out will likely be Tavares in for Tierney. Midfield, let’s be real, no one needs to see Big Mo clumping around, let’s get Patino in there. Up top, you don’t want to risk your stars, so there could be some flex there. Folarin Balogun will surely start, then maybe Reiss (who is on loan, so no) or one of the other U23 kids.

I’m pumped for that game. Maybe the team will depend on whether we do some damage against Burnley at the weekend.

Finally, seems there’s a lot of debate about fandom on the internet that has been set off by that video of the fan arranging his friend to shoot him going to the Emirates for the first time while he himself also videos the moment.

That video was weird. Let’s be honest. Organising a production like that is not ‘in the moment’ and it’s not a young people thing. It’s a people thing. Everyone wants to film everything and it’s a scourge on modern entertainment. No one ever goes back and watches the videos either.

Fandom is a weird thing and there are levels for it. Even in England, when you are sussing out someone in a bar that tells you they like football, the hierarchy sussing goes like this.

Who do you support?

Do you go and see them?

Season ticket holder?

Do you go to away games?

Do you go to Europe?

Fans that do it all are peak Arsenal fans, you can’t deny it, the commitment is outrageous and you have to accept it.

I’m an overseas fan. I write a blog. Podcast. Tweet like a madman. I’m obsessed. I’m still a fan, just a different type. That doesn’t mean I’m lesser, but I can’t claim to be the same level of hardcore as an away day season ticket holder (RIP).

Arsenal is global. Global fans make the community special. They are valuable and should never be demeaned. Jockeying for position is boring, but it mostly only happens when someone tells another fan they aren’t worthy. All fans are worthy and no one should diminish a person’s fandom unless they wear half and half shirts.

Still, there is a hierarchy of fandom, you might not like that people do it on the internet, but it might make you feel better that local fans do it in bars when assessing someone.

Short one today. See you ALL in the comments. x


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